Hello Tessa!

1 11 2011
Tessa in emerald

picture by Jeanne Sahara

Tessa is a salute to the 50’s – a somewhat retro-looking lingerie-set out of *poc*s Sheer-Sin-line. A nice blend of different transparent latex hides a lot but suggests even more. This is not only a set of bra and panties, but also included is a body in a matching look. Optional garters complete this very sexy look.

It is available in eight different colours, all clothing layers included.

While you are at the store – join the Darkly Delicious hunt and find the hidden treasure.


Your Skin, a Sheer Sin…

20 02 2011
*poc* SheerSin-Skin

Connie Arida - *poc* SheerSin-Skin

Right on the heels of  the basic transparent skins, powers of creation has released the SheerSin-Skins for the tattoo-layer. The offer you four different facial styles, each either as a hood to be combined with the other SheerSin-clothes, or as a full, seamless skin – so, eight skins to each pack. Come on over and take a look!

PS: Did I mention, that they match perfectly with the Antilles Wedges, available at poc, too?

The Sidewinder

20 09 2010
Connie Arida wearing the *poc* Sidewinder

Connie Arida wearing the *poc* Sidewinder

For quite some time I have been trying to create a seamless fishnet-texture. To be frank – all fishnet in Second Life is flawed. You nearly always see seams where the textures match. This really clashes with my sense of quality; but, to be honest, it is a real tough nut to crack. Basically it is a matter of mathematics, of topology – you have to deform the textures into something rectangular with matching seams. I have been working on this literally for months, on and off, but slowly I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it isn’t a train coming my way. Anyway – while working I came up with an idea that utilizes one of my intermediate results. And the result of this idea is this new outfit from Powers of Creation.

Sidewinder combines the new Sheer Sin-Latex with an inlay of either fishnet or transparent latex. In the package you get two different tops – one at least somewhat modest, one exposing your breasts. You can wear these alone or combine them with one of the pants. There are pants making the outfit into a suit and some pants, making it into a body. Both pants come in two styles – one covering your crotch, the other leaving it open. Combining these pieces gives you a load of different outfits.

There are eight different colours, each in a package for the fishnet and transparent latex at the usual, affordable prizes you can find at *poc*.

More Sheer Sin…

13 03 2010

To complete your basic look with the new SheerSin-line from powers of creation, the new SheerSin-Suit is now available. Eight different colours, each pack contains 3 different tops and 2 pants. Mix and match tSheerSin-Suit, photo by Gara Jewellhem with the SheerSin-Stockings and -Gloves or add it to any other *poc*-outfit: you will look great.

This picture, by the way, was taken by Gara Jewell, the winner of the *poc*-photo contest. Thank you…

This is Sheer Sin

28 02 2010

Connie Arida wearing a SheerSin-Body in diamondSheer Sin is a new look of latex at powers of creation. Eight different colours – from amber and amethyst, to diamond and emerald, onyx and rosequartz to ruby and sapphire. Less transparent for an even hotter and more lifelike look.

Right now a body and matching gloves and stockings are available, but more stuff is bound to come out, soon. The body has three different version, sleeveless, shortsleeved and longsleeved. The gloves match these length.

The stockings are available as socks normal stockings and extended stockings, enhanced with a pant-layer. Come on over and have a look for yourself!

Connie Arida wearing the SheerSin-Body in diamond