Fashion Show

15 06 2011

The Month of Fetish POC Poster



Come all to the “powers of creation” fashionshow on June, 18th, at 12:00pm SL-time. It is part of the Month of Fesh with shows from several well known latex-designers. The *poc*-show will feature a wide range of our fine latex – from very revealing to very fashionable.

So, come and join us to a celebration of latex and stay with us for the aftershowparty.

powers of creation

Saturday, June, 18th at 12:00pm


Fashion Show

16 07 2009

Today, July 16th at 12:00PM SL-time some of our clothes will be presented at a fashion show at Haus Damascena. Just use the LM and follow the directions (the location is at 149, 235). Among them will be the new Candy-Cane-Ensemble. I hope to meet you there…