Dress less with the less dress…

4 09 2012

The Least Dress

Very often a name leads to a great ideas for an outfit and a catchphrase. Like this one – and to extend the pun, by taking away some fabric it gets lesser. And finally, there is only the least bit of fabric left. So, it is really dress less with this outfit.

That is The Less Dress by powers of creation. It can be either a very daring evening dress, or you can use it as some kind of, well, latex silks.Though I doubt they had latex on Gor…

The package contains three different tops (Less, Lesser and Least) and two different bottoms. You can either wear it as a body or swimsuit – or by adding the prim as the very sexy dress it was intended to be! You can get it in nine different colours.

The winners are…

18 02 2012

Kinga Rufus wearing Kamilla from *poc*

Well – after letting you people vote on the colors for the latest new design, here are the results. Kamilla is a very sexy and still fashionable outfit. It comes in 12 combinations, some of them I wouldnt have thought about.

You can either wear it with a system skirt, a tight prim-mini or as a very short dress, which could double as a shirt, too.

The inspiration for this outfit was a dress I saw someone wearing. It might be a bit retro, but I like the blocky colors and the look.

Things you wear under your clothes…and something golden

3 04 2011
Underwear, pushed aside

Underwear, pushed aside

There are times when all you are wearing is your underwear; with the basic underwear-set *poc* has the right stuff for this already. But then there are times, when even this is too much. Maybe you want to arouse someone, maybe it happened in the heat of the moment, maybe someones nasty, groping hands did it. Until now you only could roleplay and emote these situations. But Second Life is more than this. Why wear sexy, shiny latex when you have to tell people, how you look?

Despair no more, the solution is here: the new add-on to the underwear set lets you push aside your underwear, a huge load of options for each of the pieces. This package contains 20 different pieces of clothing, each on two layers.

Yasmine Heron wearing Sylvia in Gold

But we are very busy, so we have an additional offer for you: The Sylvia-Dress. Well…it is up to you to decide if it is a very short dress or a somewhat longer shirt. Not our usual latex, but sexy as hell anyway.

This is a special offer only available at the SL-Marketplace.


Meet Peggy Sue…

21 03 2009
Peggy Sue in white

Peggy Sue in white

Well – now that we have a petticoat, why not use it and make a nice 50s outfit? Right, why not!

So – we present you Peggy Sue: An elegant ensemble for the ladies, complete with hat and gloves. It comes in two different versions, one is displayed here.As the skirt is the standard *poc*-petticoat it has all it’s features: sit-adaption, adaptive flexing, colouring etc. The hat can be coloured any way you want thanks to a menu.

Oh – yes…and it is made of latex, something not found in the 50s…but, after all, we ARE *poc*!


Watch my back…

19 12 2008

…because it is worth it.

You can be sure to turn heads with this new powers of creation-dress. Up front it may look like a very strict, elegant dress – but wait until people see your backside.It is laced from top to bottom and believe me, no one will notice that the system-skirt makes a fat ass.

Also included is a modest, closed version. It may not always be appropiate to show that much skin.

We hope you like “Watch My Back”…