The end of all wars…

16 11 2008

…would be to come, if all soldiers were dressed like that. No…wait…there are pictures in my head…

Okay, let me rephrase: if all female soldiers were dressed like that. I don´t want to see my old sergeant in this outfit. Just the thought makes me scared like hell. But – if worn like in that picture it is a sight to behold.

What you see here is the Gina suit in the camouflage-design. Available now at powers of creation.


Mission…not accomplished

9 11 2008
Hiding in the woods

Hiding in the woods

Damn – this doesn´t work, apparently: Camo-clothing is supposed to hide you. The new *poc*-camo-suits work the opposite way, it seems: they get attention!

This new line from the hands of Thoto Beerbaum comes in 10 different colours – so you have a wide variety of places where you CAN´T hide. At the moment there is either a basic catsuit or a zippered catsuit-set. But more outfits are due to come, so you will soon be able to wear that special camo-bikini to the beach!

You can find these suits at our store on the new 1st-floor. We simply ran out of space, so we had to add a new floor.