Skintones for *poc*-Shoes

Here is a list of settings to help you with matching your skin with the prim-feet of the *poc*-shoes. The list names the skinbrand and -name and tells you which texture and skintone match them best.

Skin Skintone Texture to use Colour (H,S,V) contributed by
*poc* Powers of Creation
Cloud goth *poc* Cloud, goth 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Cloud pale *poc* Cloud, pale 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Cloud fair *poc* Cloud, fair 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Cloud light *poc* Cloud, light 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Cloud tan *poc* Cloud, tan 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Cloud bronze *poc* Cloud, bronze 000,100,100 Kai Heideman
Dream Ink Design
Arianna dark *poc* Cloud, pale 019,051,070 Kim Dench
Hope tan shaded 020,050,066 Silky Mesmeriser

If you have found a good match, please send me a NC with the settings!

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14 12 2010
The Antilles Wedges « powers of creation

[…] Skintones for *poc*-Shoes […]

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