Sue’s Desires

15 04 2012

Sue's DesiresSexy Sue is, as the name implies, a very sexy outfit. But Sue has other desires, too. She thinks she should have a bit of latex under her everyday clothes. Who am I to deny such a request? So I made a nice set of lingerie for her.

This set again combines our well kbnown latex with a nice lace inlay. It contains two different underpants and two different bras, available in nine colours, all for affordable L$200!

So – come over to powers of creation and take a look for yourself.


The winners are…

18 02 2012

Kinga Rufus wearing Kamilla from *poc*

Well – after letting you people vote on the colors for the latest new design, here are the results. Kamilla is a very sexy and still fashionable outfit. It comes in 12 combinations, some of them I wouldnt have thought about.

You can either wear it with a system skirt, a tight prim-mini or as a very short dress, which could double as a shirt, too.

The inspiration for this outfit was a dress I saw someone wearing. It might be a bit retro, but I like the blocky colors and the look.

Sexy Sue

21 01 2012

Sexy Sue, picture by Jeanne Sahara

This is Sexy Sue, the new outfit from powers of creation. The name says it all, it is sexy as hell. Shiny latex with transparent patterns inlaid exposing your body and hiding it at the same time.

There are nine colours for you to choose from – black, blood, chocolate, darkgreen, gunmetal, midnight, pink, red and wine. In the package you will find some stockings and gloves, also a very short minidress and the torselet pictured here – all for a very affordable price.

Sexy Sue, picture by Jeanne Saha

Long Leggins…

7 01 2012
Long Leggins by poc

Long Leggins by poc (picture by Kim Dench)

New at powers of creation: The Long Leggins.

This outfit offers you quite some options (four different tops and two different pants) and screams to be combined with some other items from out shiny collection; like on the picture, where Kim is wearing on of the Madeleine blouse. I just picked twelve colours from the poc-range, but this time only went for several shades of basically black-gray-white and and chocolate-red-pinks. I think these can be combined best with other clothes.

So – come over and take a look for yourself. And – while you are there, we have a voting board up so YOU can cast your vote for the colours of one of the next poc-outfits; I really can’t decide what to combine, so I thought about asking my customers!




Feeling sick?

3 12 2011

I hope you are not feeling sick – but in case you are, I hope that you get treated ny Nurse Florence, the newest design from *powers of creation*. But be aware, this outfit is not for the faint-hearted patients. They might suffer a stroke!

Nurse Florence comes with a lot of options – it can be worn either as a jacket or a short dress. Also you can choose how tight the fit is, from a modest, all closed look to a quite too tight fit, up to a very agitated version with nearly all the buttons undone. But remember – it is all for your patients. If they feel better when you look sexy, why not making them healthy?

In the package you will find six different tops, matching bottoms, some underpants, stockings and the mandatory cap. There are only four colours, but I really gave it a thought which colours of our palette would work well with a nurse. There is also a new colour – surgical green; I had to do this.

So, come over, have a look and spend your money!

(Pictures by Jeanne Sahara)

PS: I completely forgot to post about the previous release – the buckled garters. They are a nice additon to your wardrobe, especially as you can mix and match the individual layers if you own more than one set of these garters!

Buckled Garters

Hello Tessa!

1 11 2011
Tessa in emerald

picture by Jeanne Sahara

Tessa is a salute to the 50’s – a somewhat retro-looking lingerie-set out of *poc*s Sheer-Sin-line. A nice blend of different transparent latex hides a lot but suggests even more. This is not only a set of bra and panties, but also included is a body in a matching look. Optional garters complete this very sexy look.

It is available in eight different colours, all clothing layers included.

While you are at the store – join the Darkly Delicious hunt and find the hidden treasure.

Stocking up…

15 10 2011
Laced stoclings in blood

Laced stoclings in blood

These stockings are the result of some pictures of RL-latex stockings I have seen. They looked liked they were laced, but the lacing really was just painted on them. But you have to start somewhere. I mean, okay, SL clothes are painted upon you, by definition, but at least I wanted them to look better!

And here is the result – the new laced stockings from powers of creation. They come in an opaque and a transparent version, each in two different lengths – normal stocking length and an extended version; you need to wear some pants to acchieve this look, though. So – choose from one of 25 different colours and feel sexy with our shiny latex.