Stocking up…

15 10 2011
Laced stoclings in blood

Laced stoclings in blood

These stockings are the result of some pictures of RL-latex stockings I have seen. They looked liked they were laced, but the lacing really was just painted on them. But you have to start somewhere. I mean, okay, SL clothes are painted upon you, by definition, but at least I wanted them to look better!

And here is the result – the new laced stockings from powers of creation. They come in an opaque and a transparent version, each in two different lengths – normal stocking length and an extended version; you need to wear some pants to acchieve this look, though. So – choose from one of 25 different colours and feel sexy with our shiny latex.

An Open Invitation

4 10 2011
Open Inviatation

Miana Siabonne wearing Open Invitation

This outfit started with a request for a custom-design. After a lot of back and forth in the end we had something, that I think would sell, too. And this time I got over one of my problems quite easy: naming the thing. I left that to the Miana, who came up with the idea. Guess, why she called it an open invitation?

Open Invitation

Detail of the hood

This outfit comes in two versions – completely open and with transparent latex on the inside. Also included is a hood to cover you some more in the sexy poc-latex. All layers are included; on the tattoo-layer you either get the hood or the full-suit combining all pieces into one.

And while you are at the store – take a look at our special offer and save 50% on one of our other outfits!


More evolution taking places

11 09 2011
Gloves and stockings

Gloves and stockings

The previously released evo-Suit is supposed to be a basic item for anyone who wants to wear latex. But is only a very simple outfit, compared to the options other *poc*-clothes have to offer. On the other hand – it is still the best value you can get for your money. Some people remarked, for example, that the old, long stockings and gloves are missing and that there are no plain ones in our current productlineup. So – here they come: Long gloves and stockings in all the old and new colours.

In the package you will find the basic, long stockings combined with an extender to make them even longer. Also some longe opera gloves and fingerless glovettes – all for just 100L$. So – come on over and take a look!

A shiny update

9 07 2011

The first item I made for Second Life and sold was the basic latex catsuit. Going by numbers it is the #1-seller in the store, especially the black one is something nearly every latex-lover has in their inventory. But – it is the first item I made and I have learned a lot since then. Evolution moves on and if you don’t move along, you will become extinct! There are some glitches, not very much, but enough to be worth updating it – and the result is the Latexsuit evo.

An example of the new catsuit

Usually it is *poc*-policy to update items for free. But, success is a problem – that would be too much work, the list of people is very long. So – I thought about going a different way for this update, because I neither want people to pay all the money again. A good reason to start a little experiment:

There is no fixed price to the catsuit anymore! Pay any amount you like.

So, yes, you could get it for 1L$. But maybe you like it and want to pay more. We will take a look how well this works out.

Besides ironing out some minor faults (the ones left in it are probably due to some LL-error and not because of me!) I added some colours to the spectrum. All in all there are now 25 colours to it, and some new ones might show up in the future, too.

Come over to the store and take a look at it!

Miss Kim showing you something

26 06 2011

The Madeleine Blouse, picture by Jeanne Sahara

At the great fashion-show we had last week – thanks to Lexie Jansma for organizing it – we realeased a few things and I completely forgot to post about them here. It all started with an idea for an outfit, something like a governess, a strict lady. Most of the pieces I needed are already made, but one thing was missing, a blouse with wide, flared sleeves, with some ruffles. The SL-clothes don’t allow for that look, so some prim-work was needed. The result of this is the Madeleine Blouse. It comes in four different version, from playfull and sexy to strict. I actually tried for prim-buttons, too, but that is something SL won’t let you do. They really don’t work with the way the avatar is animated, so that was an option for the trashcan.

Miss Kim, picture by Jeanne Sahara

The prims for the sleeves allow for several different looks, depending upon the way you combine them. There is one version with a V-neck, that has a ruffled prim-collar, too, plus other blouses, one with lace and one with a transparent part.

Now it was just a question of combining the blouse with the right pieces – a skirt from the skirt-pack, a cincher from the Cinched Julia and some sheer-sin-stockings. And ready was Miss Kim. Two different blouses, two different skirt-lengths offer you several looks.

The Phoenix-Suit, worn by Noriko Ushimawa

Due to some delays and problems and the fashion show Thoto wasn´t able to get his newest suit ready for release before the show, but it was ready at that day, so we had quite a big release. The Phoenix-Suit is something completely different, way more reavealing. Maybe something Miss Kim would make her slaves wear? So – come over to *poc* and take a look for yourself.

Sylvia’s Secrets

15 05 2011
Sylvia's Secrets

Sylvia's Secrets, picture by Jeanne Sahara

Recently powers of creation brought you the Sylvia-outfit. Me – I wondered what Sylvia might wear when she isn´t showing off in that lovely outfit. Believe me or not: I discovered her secret. It wasn’t easy and required a lot of seductive talk.

Sylvia's Secrets

Sylvia's Secrets, picture by Jeanna Sahara

Sylvia’s Secret is a lovely set of sexy underwear – three different pants and two bras for you to wear underneath or to show off. The combination of seamless lace, the well known *poc*-latex and a wearable design make this a very welcome and affordable addition to your wardrobe. Available in twelve different colours and on clothing- and underwear-layer.

Sheena comes to powers of creation

1 05 2011
Susie Barzane wearing Sheena from powers of creation

Susie Barzane wearing Sheena from powers of creation

When Thoto showed me the first version of this outfit and asked: “Do you have an idea how to call it?” one name immediately came to my mind: Sheena. Yes, it comes from a movie from the 80s. And, yes, it absolutely deserved the nominations for the Golden Raspberry Award. But – this outfit has a kind of wild look to me, thats why the name came to my mind. First ideas are the best ideas, most of the time, and it beats “New Pants” and “New Shirt”.

So – take a walk on the wild side to powers of creation and take a look at Sheena…and all the other fine latex-stuff we have to offer. Sheena comes in ten different colours, each package in two versions, at affordable 250L$.

Sylvia in Latex

17 04 2011
Sylvia from poc

Kim Dench and Carina Asbrink wearing "Sylvia" from poc.

After the little promotion of Sylvia in Gold we are happy to announce the relase of the full latex version of this outfit. In the usual *poc*-quality you can choose from 12 different colours. In the package you will find four different tops, a pair of 3/4-pants, a VERY short mini and a tight (prim)miniskirt.

This outfit mixes latex with some lace to the side. And – as this is *poc* – it is as seemless, as you can get it in Second Life. (Ask any designer – the avatar-textures are a MESS!). Anyway – hopefully you will enjoy wearing this newest release!

Things you wear under your clothes…and something golden

3 04 2011
Underwear, pushed aside

Underwear, pushed aside

There are times when all you are wearing is your underwear; with the basic underwear-set *poc* has the right stuff for this already. But then there are times, when even this is too much. Maybe you want to arouse someone, maybe it happened in the heat of the moment, maybe someones nasty, groping hands did it. Until now you only could roleplay and emote these situations. But Second Life is more than this. Why wear sexy, shiny latex when you have to tell people, how you look?

Despair no more, the solution is here: the new add-on to the underwear set lets you push aside your underwear, a huge load of options for each of the pieces. This package contains 20 different pieces of clothing, each on two layers.

Yasmine Heron wearing Sylvia in Gold

But we are very busy, so we have an additional offer for you: The Sylvia-Dress. Well…it is up to you to decide if it is a very short dress or a somewhat longer shirt. Not our usual latex, but sexy as hell anyway.

This is a special offer only available at the SL-Marketplace.


Making a habit out of latex…

20 03 2011
Sister Mary Latex

*poc* Sister Mary Latex. photo by Kim Dench

That came to my mind when I made this outfit: Meet Sister Mary Latex. I always thought, I should do a nun-outfit for *poc* – and here it is. Available in nine different colours at powers of creation. And you always learn new things. For example: How do you call the thing she is wearing on her head? These are a coif and a veil. And there are even stranger things nuns have been wearing.

What you get in this outfit is: the coif with the veil, the hood on the tattoolayer, the top, the skirt and the belt. Also included is a collar to combine with the hood, so you can wear other poc-pieces underneath. With brings me to my other topic for this post.

Latex is supposed to make you look sexy – but Sister Mary looks very stern in my opinion. So – why don’t you make her look sexier?

Enter the Sister-Mary-Must-Look-Sexier-Contest

If you want to take part, send one picture of Sister Mary like no one else has seen her before. Make her look sexy as hell..pardon…heaven. Prices to be won are L$3000, L$2000 and L$1000. Send you entries ingame to Kai Heideman, deadline is April, 9th.