23 10 2012

Practically out of the blue the sim where you can find our shop is closing down! So – I have to move shop, fast. I would have wanted a smoother move, but sadly there is no time for that.

I am setting up a new place, but it will take a bit. As I am switching to different vendors – what better time to do this when I have to rebuild everything, anyway – this move will take a bit. I will put up more and more of poc-latex in the next days, so check out the new store from time to time. I don’t know when the old place will get deleted by LL, but the new one you can find here.

Fashion Show

15 06 2011

The Month of Fetish POC Poster



Come all to the “powers of creation” fashionshow on June, 18th, at 12:00pm SL-time. It is part of the Month of Fesh with shows from several well known latex-designers. The *poc*-show will feature a wide range of our fine latex – from very revealing to very fashionable.

So, come and join us to a celebration of latex and stay with us for the aftershowparty.

powers of creation

Saturday, June, 18th at 12:00pm


Fashion Show

16 07 2009

Today, July 16th at 12:00PM SL-time some of our clothes will be presented at a fashion show at Haus Damascena. Just use the LM and follow the directions (the location is at 149, 235). Among them will be the new Candy-Cane-Ensemble. I hope to meet you there…



Special offer

21 11 2008
Corset on a plate

Corset on a plate

For only L$250 you can get this latex corset as a special offer for a limited time only at powers of creation. It is served as hot as you dare – in several length and varies degrees of … modesty. On the picture it is combined with the fading catsuit in black and white.

The winners are…

19 07 2008

Okay. it took some time but we have the winners of our contest LOOKING GOOD IN POC…

1st Retsap Paster

1st place and L$5000 go to Retsap Paster

2nd place and L$3000 go to Deidre Criss

2nd place and L$3000 go to Deidre Criss

Split 3rd place and L$1000 go to Alicia Mureaux

Split 3rd place and L$1000 go to Alicia Mureaux

Split 3rd place and L$1000 go to Silence Dreamscape

Split 3rd place and L$1000 go to Silence Dreamscape

A special prize goes to Velvet Asp for the most realistic looking shot…

Velvet Asp

Velvet Asp

Anniversary & Contest

24 06 2008

On June, 26th 2007 poc made the first sale – so, our first anniversary is near. To celeberate this we are holding a contest:


How to take part? Easy – take pictures from you looking best in our clothes, combine them for an unique look, simply said: look great. Then put up to 5 pictures (full perm!) into a notecard and send them to KAI HEIDEMAN. We will decide upon who looks best.

How much time do I have? The contest ends on July, 7th, 12PM SL-time.

Are there prizes? Sure. The winner will get a nice fotoshooting with me (if she/he wants to) but foremost you can win the following prizes:

1st place: L$5000
2nd place: L$3000
3rd place: L$1000
4th place: L$1000

So, oil your suits, take out your camera and ACTION….

Good luck, Kai Heideman

PS: Yes, you can postprocess the pictures, if you want. Surprise us!