Moving on…

25 10 2012

Well, the new store is coming along nicely, at least so far that I can start putting up stuff for sale. This will take quite a bit – we are talking about nearly 100 different products in quite a range of colours. To get you hooked, some of the newly set up pieces will be at 25% discount, slowly moving through nearly all the portfolio as stuff gets set up.

Right now you can get the skins for that discount if you teleport HEREĀ and take a left inside the building. You cant miss them, they are the only items up for sale right now. Keep returning frequently for more discounts.



23 10 2012

Practically out of the blue the sim where you can find our shop is closing down! So – I have to move shop, fast. I would have wanted a smoother move, but sadly there is no time for that.

I am setting up a new place, but it will take a bit. As I am switching to different vendors – what better time to do this when I have to rebuild everything, anyway – this move will take a bit. I will put up more and more of poc-latex in the next days, so check out the new store from time to time. I don’t know when the old place will get deleted by LL, but the new one you can findĀ here.