Feeling sick?

3 12 2011

I hope you are not feeling sick – but in case you are, I hope that you get treated ny Nurse Florence, the newest design from *powers of creation*. But be aware, this outfit is not for the faint-hearted patients. They might suffer a stroke!

Nurse Florence comes with a lot of options – it can be worn either as a jacket or a short dress. Also you can choose how tight the fit is, from a modest, all closed look to a quite too tight fit, up to a very agitated version with nearly all the buttons undone. But remember – it is all for your patients. If they feel better when you look sexy, why not making them healthy?

In the package you will find six different tops, matching bottoms, some underpants, stockings and the mandatory cap. There are only four colours, but I really gave it a thought which colours of our palette would work well with a nurse. There is also a new colour – surgical green; I had to do this.

So, come over, have a look and spend your money!

(Pictures by Jeanne Sahara)

PS: I completely forgot to post about the previous release – the buckled garters. They are a nice additon to your wardrobe, especially as you can mix and match the individual layers if you own more than one set of these garters!

Buckled Garters



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