Stocking up…

15 10 2011
Laced stoclings in blood

Laced stoclings in blood

These stockings are the result of some pictures of RL-latex stockings I have seen. They looked liked they were laced, but the lacing really was just painted on them. But you have to start somewhere. I mean, okay, SL clothes are painted upon you, by definition, but at least I wanted them to look better!

And here is the result – the new laced stockings from powers of creation. They come in an opaque and a transparent version, each in two different lengths – normal stocking length and an extended version; you need to wear some pants to acchieve this look, though. So – choose from one of 25 different colours and feel sexy with our shiny latex.

An Open Invitation

4 10 2011
Open Inviatation

Miana Siabonne wearing Open Invitation

This outfit started with a request for a custom-design. After a lot of back and forth in the end we had something, that I think would sell, too. And this time I got over one of my problems quite easy: naming the thing. I left that to the Miana, who came up with the idea. Guess, why she called it an open invitation?

Open Invitation

Detail of the hood

This outfit comes in two versions – completely open and with transparent latex on the inside. Also included is a hood to cover you some more in the sexy poc-latex. All layers are included; on the tattoo-layer you either get the hood or the full-suit combining all pieces into one.

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