A shiny update

9 07 2011

The first item I made for Second Life and sold was the basic latex catsuit. Going by numbers it is the #1-seller in the store, especially the black one is something nearly every latex-lover has in their inventory. But – it is the first item I made and I have learned a lot since then. Evolution moves on and if you don’t move along, you will become extinct! There are some glitches, not very much, but enough to be worth updating it – and the result is the Latexsuit evo.

An example of the new catsuit

Usually it is *poc*-policy to update items for free. But, success is a problem – that would be too much work, the list of people is very long. So – I thought about going a different way for this update, because I neither want people to pay all the money again. A good reason to start a little experiment:

There is no fixed price to the catsuit anymore! Pay any amount you like.

So, yes, you could get it for 1L$. But maybe you like it and want to pay more. We will take a look how well this works out.

Besides ironing out some minor faults (the ones left in it are probably due to some LL-error and not because of me!) I added some colours to the spectrum. All in all there are now 25 colours to it, and some new ones might show up in the future, too.

Come over to the store and take a look at it!



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