Miss Kim showing you something

26 06 2011

The Madeleine Blouse, picture by Jeanne Sahara

At the great fashion-show we had last week – thanks to Lexie Jansma for organizing it – we realeased a few things and I completely forgot to post about them here. It all started with an idea for an outfit, something like a governess, a strict lady. Most of the pieces I needed are already made, but one thing was missing, a blouse with wide, flared sleeves, with some ruffles. The SL-clothes don’t allow for that look, so some prim-work was needed. The result of this is the Madeleine Blouse. It comes in four different version, from playfull and sexy to strict. I actually tried for prim-buttons, too, but that is something SL won’t let you do. They really don’t work with the way the avatar is animated, so that was an option for the trashcan.

Miss Kim, picture by Jeanne Sahara

The prims for the sleeves allow for several different looks, depending upon the way you combine them. There is one version with a V-neck, that has a ruffled prim-collar, too, plus other blouses, one with lace and one with a transparent part.

Now it was just a question of combining the blouse with the right pieces – a skirt from the skirt-pack, a cincher from the Cinched Julia and some sheer-sin-stockings. And ready was Miss Kim. Two different blouses, two different skirt-lengths offer you several looks.

The Phoenix-Suit, worn by Noriko Ushimawa

Due to some delays and problems and the fashion show Thoto wasn´t able to get his newest suit ready for release before the show, but it was ready at that day, so we had quite a big release. The Phoenix-Suit is something completely different, way more reavealing. Maybe something Miss Kim would make her slaves wear? So – come over to *poc* and take a look for yourself.

Fashion Show

15 06 2011

The Month of Fetish POC Poster



Come all to the “powers of creation” fashionshow on June, 18th, at 12:00pm SL-time. It is part of the Month of Fesh with shows from several well known latex-designers. The *poc*-show will feature a wide range of our fine latex – from very revealing to very fashionable.

So, come and join us to a celebration of latex and stay with us for the aftershowparty.

powers of creation

Saturday, June, 18th at 12:00pm