Sylvia’s Secrets

15 05 2011
Sylvia's Secrets

Sylvia's Secrets, picture by Jeanne Sahara

Recently powers of creation brought you the Sylvia-outfit. Me – I wondered what Sylvia might wear when she isnĀ“t showing off in that lovely outfit. Believe me or not: I discovered her secret. It wasn’t easy and required a lot of seductive talk.

Sylvia's Secrets

Sylvia's Secrets, picture by Jeanna Sahara

Sylvia’s Secret is a lovely set of sexy underwear – three different pants and two bras for you to wear underneath or to show off. The combination of seamless lace, the well known *poc*-latex and a wearable design make this a very welcome and affordable addition to your wardrobe. Available in twelve different colours and on clothing- and underwear-layer.

Sheena comes to powers of creation

1 05 2011
Susie Barzane wearing Sheena from powers of creation

Susie Barzane wearing Sheena from powers of creation

When Thoto showed me the first version of this outfit and asked: “Do you have an idea how to call it?” one name immediately came to my mind: Sheena. Yes, it comes from a movie from the 80s. And, yes, it absolutely deserved the nominations for the Golden Raspberry Award. But – this outfit has a kind of wild look to me, thats why the name came to my mind. First ideas are the best ideas, most of the time, and it beats “New Pants” and “New Shirt”.

So – take a walk on the wild side to powers of creation and take a look at Sheena…and all the other fine latex-stuff we have to offer. Sheena comes in ten different colours, each package in two versions, at affordable 250L$.