Things you wear under your clothes…and something golden

3 04 2011
Underwear, pushed aside

Underwear, pushed aside

There are times when all you are wearing is your underwear; with the basic underwear-set *poc* has the right stuff for this already. But then there are times, when even this is too much. Maybe you want to arouse someone, maybe it happened in the heat of the moment, maybe someones nasty, groping hands did it. Until now you only could roleplay and emote these situations. But Second Life is more than this. Why wear sexy, shiny latex when you have to tell people, how you look?

Despair no more, the solution is here: the new add-on to the underwear set lets you push aside your underwear, a huge load of options for each of the pieces. This package contains 20 different pieces of clothing, each on two layers.

Yasmine Heron wearing Sylvia in Gold

But we are very busy, so we have an additional offer for you: The Sylvia-Dress. Well…it is up to you to decide if it is a very short dress or a somewhat longer shirt. Not our usual latex, but sexy as hell anyway.

This is a special offer only available at the SL-Marketplace.





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