Making a habit out of latex…

20 03 2011
Sister Mary Latex

*poc* Sister Mary Latex. photo by Kim Dench

That came to my mind when I made this outfit: Meet Sister Mary Latex. I always thought, I should do a nun-outfit for *poc* – and here it is. Available in nine different colours at powers of creation. And you always learn new things. For example: How do you call the thing she is wearing on her head? These are a coif and a veil. And there are even stranger things nuns have been wearing.

What you get in this outfit is: the coif with the veil, the hood on the tattoolayer, the top, the skirt and the belt. Also included is a collar to combine with the hood, so you can wear other poc-pieces underneath. With brings me to my other topic for this post.

Latex is supposed to make you look sexy – but Sister Mary looks very stern in my opinion. So – why don’t you make her look sexier?

Enter the Sister-Mary-Must-Look-Sexier-Contest

If you want to take part, send one picture of Sister Mary like no one else has seen her before. Make her look sexy as hell..pardon…heaven. Prices to be won are L$3000, L$2000 and L$1000. Send you entries ingame to Kai Heideman, deadline is April, 9th.