Your Skin, a Sheer Sin…

20 02 2011
*poc* SheerSin-Skin

Connie Arida - *poc* SheerSin-Skin

Right on the heels of  the basic transparent skins, powers of creation has released the SheerSin-Skins for the tattoo-layer. The offer you four different facial styles, each either as a hood to be combined with the other SheerSin-clothes, or as a full, seamless skin – so, eight skins to each pack. Come on over and take a look!

PS: Did I mention, that they match perfectly with the Antilles Wedges, available at poc, too?

Male Camosuit

13 02 2011
Male Camo-Suit

Male Camo-Suit

Latex for men has to look different – the male body is shaped differently, so the reflections – which make up latex – can not be the same. Most creator don´t take that into account – unlike powers of creation. Sure – you can wear the female latex, but it looks strange, and when you put on some stuff created for the male avatar, you know why.

For example the new camo-suit available at poc; there is a female version of it, but this one is designed for men. Come on over and take a look!

Transparent Latex Skins

3 02 2011

Transparent Latex SkinI like the tattoo-layer. Finally you can make hoods that let you keep your face. Especially with the transparent latex the skin underneath is very important. It has a great impact on the look of your avatar, the final colour looks different from one skin-tone to the other. And – with transparent people even buy brown as a colour. Otherwise they only buy it by accident and want to exchange it 😉

This skin comes in 12 different colours, offering you four different facial styles, each as a full skin or as a hood. Come over to powers of creation and take a look for yourself!