The Antilles Wedges

14 12 2010

It has been quiet for some time, but now there is something new at powers of creation: The Antilles Wedges. There is a lot I could say about them, like “They look good.” or “They are very sexy.”. All of this is true, but there is more to them, than meets the eye.

Antilles Wedges with bare foot

Antilles Wedges with bare foot

First of all, the name. When I thought about shoes with a wedge-heel a name came to my mind: Wedge Antilles, a character from Star Wars. Why not call the shoes after him. So, the name was there way before the shoes.


But, more important – the shoes themself. I wanted to do a shoe with a wedge heel and a prim foot. I wanted it to look very sexy, to make the appearance of endlessly high heels. That was the modeling part; as I liked the work Anja Dollinger did on the Farah-Boots I asked her to do the sculpting again. The result was what I had in mind, a high and sexy shoe with no special accessoires, to keep the focus on the design and the shine of the latex.

One of the problem with prim-feet is, they mess up any stockings you wear. Adding stockings to the feet is a twofold problem. Once, you have to change the prims, hide the toes and provide a different prim for that part of the foot. Second – transparent stockings. If you want transparent stockings, you can´t use invisprims, they mess up every transparency in their vicinity. Alas Second Life gave us the alphalayer; now you can hide the feet without any problems. So, besides the texturing I had to provide for the different combination of prims.

Wedges with Sheer Sin Stockings

Wedges with Sheer Sin Stockings

*PoC* does latex – so the look and texturing of the shoes was clear – latex matching our productline. I went for the nine most popular colours. There is also a fatpack available, that contains these nine and seven more colours.

The texture for the prim-foot was the next step. I made several textures matching them to the different Cloud-skins available at *PoC*. To match other skins you have to do a bit of modifying. You can either select a plain white skin and colourize it, or use one of the Cloud-presets and tint them a bit to match your skin (the better way, I think, as it keeps a degree of shading). To match the skintone I am not using the normal R(ed) G(reen) B(lue)-scheme but a HSV-scheme (Hue, Saturation, Value). You can adjust this much better, to make the tone brighter you simply have to increase the Value, and not RGB at the same time, for example. A little sidenote: I discoverd while experimenting, that I had to provide textures for the nail-polish, too; simply tinting them looked bad; but now you can choose from 64 different polishs.

Wedges with Latex Stockings

Wedges with Latex Stockings

Now for the hard part – stockings. The first type is easy – normal nylon stockings. Just overlay the foot with a second set of prims that have a plain texture, add transparency and colour and you can match them to most plain stockings. But I wanted to integrate the shoes into our productline, so you latex-stockings and transparent latex-stockings were needed. With some effort I finally produced textures that match the latex-stockings nearly perfectly. The texturing was done.

But you have to control them somehow. A HUD similar to the one the Farah-boots have was called for. It took me some time, but now you have a HUD that lets you control all aspects of the shoes and even store up to nine presets for different avatars/skins. It was a LOT of work, but in the end I am very satisfied with the endproduct – and I hope you are, too.

A final word about skin-matching: This isn´t easy and I am not able to store hundreds of presets. So – I need your help. If you have a good setting matching your skin, please send me a little note about your settings; tell me which skin you are wearing and the settings (texture and HSV of the skintone) you used. There is a page on this blog where you can look up settings and I will add the customer-entries gladly.



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