A not so uniform look…

31 01 2010

A Dolman (from Turkish dolaman “robe” [1]) Originally, the term referred to a long and loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front. It was worn generally by the Turks, and is not unlike a cassock in shape.

The name “dolman” was also given to the uniform jacket worn by hussars. The close fitting, short cut coat was heavily braided. It was usually worn with a pelisse, a similar coat worn and slung from the shoulders with the sleeves hanging loose.

from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolman

Yasmine wearing the new dolman with matching pants from *poc*

I have had several requests about uniforms recently, so I started to think a bit what might look good in latex. I always liked the uniform the hussars wore – so, here it is: A dolman from powers of creation.

This outfit is quite a huge release and offers lots of combinations. There are 15 different colours – for women and men (yes, something new for the guys!!). The dolman and the pants are sold seperately, so you can mix and match your own combination of colours. Each jacket comes in two different metallic trims with a different accent-colour. The pants have the same metallic trims as the jacket plus trims in the accent-colours. The pants are modify on the pants layer, so you can adjust the flare.




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