Take a look at these Legs…

22 11 2009

Legs is the newest ensemble from powers of creation. A close friend of mine gave me a link and said “Take a look at this, the red outfit…” – and here is the result. I really liked that look and the possibilities it offered for undressing. Especially as I thought at first glance I had parts of it already done, the top could be taken from the catsuit set. That left the garters, which alone are good enough to sell on their own, the recently released 10-strap-garters. So far, so easy, I thought. But when I took a closer look at the tops I intended to combine into the ensemble, they were too plain; the reference has a trim in a different colour, and one degree of opening I needed was missing. So – back to the drawing board. While doing that I thought that a different bra with a pushed aside-look was the final touch needed for this outfit.

But, as this thing was supposed to be an ensemble there was still work to do – baking the textures into one layer, so the top and the bra take up only one slot of clothing, the garters and the pants alike. In the end I had was uploading quite a load of textures. Good thing this one is available not in ALL the poc-colours. I hate uploading and creating the clothes as much as I like designing them. Especially after LL has improved the “Edit Appearance” so much that I had several crashes while texturing the clothes. And there were a lot of items to make – this package is quite filled with a huge load of different items. Like with the other ensemble, this outfit isn´t available in all colours. I just went for the bestsellers and added some tiger-prints. I hope you like these versions, too. I really like this outfit… that is why I shot a little series of pictures to show it off.

So: Enjoy Susie wearing Legs from *poc*. And thank you, Susie, for pointing me to that outfit.




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