New Garters…

15 11 2009

Kim Dench wearing the 10-strap-garters

…at powers of creation. We call them the 10-strap-garters – the reason should be obvious.

By mixing some layers these garters and stockings reach higher than the normal second-life stockings and thus look way more sexy. They are available in 16 different colours helping you look even more sexy!

In the picture you can see Kim Dench wearing the new 10-strap garters together with a corset, bikini and transparent black catsuit underneath plus the Fari High-Heels in black.




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22 11 2009
Take a look at these Legs… « powers of creation

[…] Take a look at these Legs… 22 11 2009 Legs is the newest ensemble from powers of creation. A close friend of mine gave me a link and said “Take a look at this, the red outfit…” – and here is the result. I really liked that look and the possibilities it offered for undressing. Especially as I thought at first glance I had parts of it already done, the top could be taken from the catsuit set. That left the garters, which in are good enough to sell on their own, the recently released 10-strap-garters. […]

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