Candy Cane…

22 07 2009

One of the most important features of poc-clothes is they way they can be combined. If you get the right sets you can do a huge load of different outifts. But – even if poc IS affordable, getting a load of sets to combine will put a serious dent in your pocket. Not that we mind the business….

That´s why we present our first ensemble – Candy Cane. It is a mix of pieces from several outfits, and, as a bonus the different pieces have been baked into each other (plus a combination new and unique).

The pieces come from

  • two-colour corset
  • bare tops
  • latex underwear
  • tight miniskirt
  • stockings

It comes in eight different colours – hopefully there is one you can´t resist


Fashion Show

16 07 2009

Today, July 16th at 12:00PM SL-time some of our clothes will be presented at a fashion show at Haus Damascena. Just use the LM and follow the directions (the location is at 149, 235). Among them will be the new Candy-Cane-Ensemble. I hope to meet you there…



To boldly go…

3 07 2009

…where no latex has been before.

Did you ever want to look like Lt. Uhura or Mr. Spock, but still wear some latex? Now you can, with the new *poc*-Star Fleet Uniform. This is the classic uniform worn in the original series, female and male version. It has additional layers for rank-insignia and division-emblems. And it looks sexy 😉

Btw. – you could look like Captain Kirk, but we don’t provide the necessary corset to wear underneath the uniform…

On board of a UFP Constitution-Class

On board of a UFP Constitution-Class