Boys and Girls…

21 06 2009

stitched_001Although I am a guy myself I am sometimes at a loss what kind of latex-clothes to make for guys. Girls simply look better in latex. But “The Cat”-suit is perfectly right for this. The stitches really look like a guy did them himself. So – the new “Cat”-Suit is now available at *poc* in a male version, too. It comes in the four colours we have for guys, on all layers.

But – girls, don´t cry, there is something new for you, too. A set with some nice stockings is for sale, too. Four different styles in 16 different colours. So – drag your guy over to poc and, while he buys some stuff for himself, make him pay for some nice stuff for you, too…

I am The Cat. Hear me roar…

10 06 2009
The Cat - Photo by Connie Arida

The Cat - Photo by Connie Arida

We have a lot of catsuits at poc – but this one is simply The Cat. Everyone having watched “Batman Returns” will know what I mean. What you will find is first a skin – complete with hood, ears etc. in a stitched version like in the movie and in a smooth version. This skin is made up in the same six colours of all poc-skins.

We also offer you a catsuit with the stitched look. This one is made up in 14 different colours. These suits have the reflections for female avatars. A male version will be for sale, soon.

The picture was taken by Connie Arida and I added a touch of comic to it.

Dare to bare…

3 06 2009
Susie Barzane in poc

Susie Barzane in poc

I have gotten quite a lot of requests for a top exposing the breasts – not a few of you seem to be eager to show what you got! So – here it goes…the bare tops.

In this package you get eight differently styled tops; they are either long sleeved or a tanktop, opaque or transparent, exposing each breasts or both breasts. Naturally they come on all layers.

Initially I wanted to add a few more effects to the top, but sadly SL wouldn´t let my texture look the way i wanted. But, I hope, you like it. Like all *poc*-latex-clothes you can combine it with the rest of the products – as you can see in the picture.

Susie is wearing a bare top in blue and the tight miniskirt in blue. Underneath she has a black transparent suit, blue transparent stockings and black gloves; all by poc.

Maybe a little word about the picture – yes, it IS photoshopped. Background and wings are added, but i also retouched the skirt a little bit, because the pose made some parts of the prim stick out.