Thanks, Halle Berry…

3 05 2009
Connie Arida showing the Halle-outfit

Connie Arida showing the Halle-outfit

I recently stumbled over a picture of Halle Berry attending the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and really liked the dress she wore. So – why not recreate it in *poc*-Latex I thought? Well – in my opinion the result looks very good – as you can see on Connie Aridas wonderfull picture.

But – when creating it I learned something new about Second Life. We all know that the system skirt makes a fat ass, clips like hell when walking – but it is the only way to make an at least somewhat shape-hugging skirt, if you know how to handle the problems. But…

On the front there are two seams running along the front of the dress. They should be seamless going from top-layer to skirt-layer. It took me some time, but in the end I got the best possible result. It looked good in SL – but then I tried a different shape and suddenly the matching was gone. CouldnĀ“t they at least make the skirt deform the same way the body does?

Anyway – what do you get for your hard earned 250L$? An outfit that can be worn as top/skirt for a dress or as top/pants for a more carefree look. There are two slightly different styles: one with and one without seams. All pieces come on all layers. So, I hope you enjoy Halle!