Cute or Sexy?

26 04 2009
Connie Arida for *poc*

Connie Arida for *poc*

Either cute or sexy? With the new latex babydoll from poc you can have both!

It either comes in an opaque and a transparent version with nicely flowing prims. A menu lets you adjust the brightness of the reflections. You can also opt to open it in the front a bit to show a bit more of your sexiness. You get the top and the string on all layers and hopefully enjoy wearing it.

A big Thank You goes to Connie Arida for her great picture! Take a look at her pictures, she does a really good stuff!

The deBroglie-Suit…

13 04 2009



This suit started out as a piece of custom work. Usually I donĀ“t do complete new outfits as custom-work, but by modifying the custom design I saw quite a potential for a new poc-suit. It has quite a futuristic look to it, in my opinion it qualifies quite well as a spacesuit (hence the picture).

But in the end it took quite a lot of work, still, to get it looking good. There are some things to the SL-textures that really make you want to tear your hair out. What you get is a quite sexy latexsuit with a techno-look to it (the helmet is NOT included, just something i patched together for the shot). Come over to poc and see if you like it.