Meet Peggy Sue…

21 03 2009
Peggy Sue in white

Peggy Sue in white

Well – now that we have a petticoat, why not use it and make a nice 50s outfit? Right, why not!

So – we present you Peggy Sue: An elegant ensemble for the ladies, complete with hat and gloves. It comes in two different versions, one is displayed here.As the skirt is the standard *poc*-petticoat it has all it’s features: sit-adaption, adaptive flexing, colouring etc. The hat can be coloured any way you want thanks to a menu.

Oh – yes…and it is made of latex, something not found in the 50s…but, after all, we ARE *poc*!


Help, my skirt is watching me…

16 03 2009
Vialia wearing the new *poc*-Petticoat

Vialia wearing the new *poc*-Petticoat

Well, after the excess of lace I came to my senses and made a normal petticoat. But – extreme is easier than simple. I couldn´t make the skirt look good. Either it looked good when standing, or it looked good when walking. I wasn´t able to find flexible-parameters that worked for both. What to do?

The answer was simple: script the skirt, make it use the right parameters for standing and walking. Well, and when we are at it – use the right settings when sitting, too. The skirt looked silly when sitting. In the end the skirt detects if you are moving, standing or sitting and changes it´s flex-parameters accordingly. Also – when you are sitting – it rotates the skirt to a somewhat better position. This script produces a little bit of lag, like an AO, which it basically is, but the menu allows you to switch this feature off and choose the mode you want yourself and override it. Better don´t imagine  a thinking skirt..but that´s SL for you.If you move and rotate it to fit your shape it stores your settings, too.

You can also change the colour of the underskirt and adjust the brightness of the latex to fit your style and the lighting.

In the picture Vi is wearing the petticoat in pink, a top from the Pink/Black Fading Suit, white transparent stockings and the Fari Heels.

A very petticoat

1 03 2009

I have gotten quite a lot of requests for more prim-skirts, especially flexi ones. But I wantd it to be something special. So, when I got my hands on some megabytes of lace, I grabbed some roles of latex and started cutting and sewing.

My atelier got covered in lots of junk (atelier…what a glorification for a platform in the sky, from which i fall down on a regular basis and smash into the roof of the shop) – but when the dust clear this is what I got. I might have been carried away with the lace, though. Thats the reason for the name – this thing is a VERY petticoat. Hopefully you like it as much as I do (and my beta-testers did)…