18 02 2009

Paul Dirac, like Enrico Fermi, was a noble-prize-winner. And he is also the namesake of the newest suit from powers of creation.

The Dirac Suit comes in two styles  – black/coloured and single coloured. It can be worn either as a full suit, as seen in the picture, or as a body. A different pair of pants is included for this.

We hope you like it and are curious about the next noble-prize-winner…so are we.


The Fermi-Suit

2 02 2009

Sometimes designing an outfit is easier than naming it. This one is an example – I came up with a good idea and the design went very easy. But then…how do I call it?

No one actually botherd me to make it, no one was on my mind when designing it. Calling it JALS – just another latex suit – would take away that last resort of naming. So in the end I thought: Why not pick someone famous. Well – famous as it seems only to me and a few other people. This suit is named after Enrico Fermi, a famous scientist and noble-prize-winner; learn something new every day…

Also – this opens a whole load of cool names for the future, should I ever have a problem to come up with a name again.