25 09 2008

…but something completely different.  What is  Latex? Basically it is defined by reflections of light. Unlike metal, which looks like metal because it reflects  the environment, latex only reflects the lights. I think we have quite a good texture for this – at least you, our customers, think so. But other people think so too… So, our clothes consist of two components….the reflections and the designs/colours we apply them to. You can extract the reflections – and that is what this is all about…

Yesterday I filed a DMCA against linda Brown of Luscious Latex. Several months  ago she already used our reflections for designs of her own. Now she did it again. As she muted me and I want to spare me her insults it was the right way to do so. If you want, hop to her store, take a look at some stuff there…the Mo Money pieces, or the Sassy, Suptex and Suptex-Rip pieces. If you look at them you see our reflections. It is especially funny as some of the pieces are for guys…and the reflections are all wrong. Why should a man have a reflection of the lights of one breast on the other one? The male chest is flat…
Anyway, I am 100% sure she ripped our stuff…

And now, what a funny coincidence: this morning an avatar was at our store handing out for free full perm catsuits with our ripped texture…and this avatar was born when i had my first issue with linda….and ran by the wonderful name of  “fukmiee Sideways”. I don´t want to imply anything here, but…uhmmm…a connection forces itself upon my mind…

I know linda will hear about this and start complaining. The last time she said she remade the textures from screenshots she took:

[11:34] Kai Heideman: the texture you use as a base for theses outfits – where did you get it?
[11:36]  linda Brown: well Sir    I seen some in sl with then and i took a few pictures and I made them sir

(Cited from our conversation in february…when she still was polite 😉

Well, i went and compared the textures and they match pixel for pixel – there are some hidden markers to the texture you wouldn´t copy, and even they showed up.

I am absolutely willing to prove this even in front of a comitee or anything in world. It can be done very easily, believe me…

Anyway…I just had to vent my anger a bit.





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