Vialia is here…

28 08 2008
Vialia in black

Vialia in black

Meet Vialia – the newest outfit in the poc-collection. My basic idea was to take a stripof latex, start at the neck, tie it around the breasts, around the back, ending up between the legs…and there I stood a bit dumbfound, holding the two ends together and no idea where to fix them and close the outfit. I hope my solution was accepatble…

Vialia comes either as a single- or two-coloured set. The singlecoloured offers you two pieces, a very skimpy outfit jsut with the straps and one a bit more exposing, with some transparent latex covering a bit more of your body. The two-coloured outfit offers either and opaque combination of colours or one with transparent parts.

As with all poc-pieces you can combine it with your other poc-stuff – but due to the cut it might not always look good. Also, the reflections don´t match the ones of our male-latex-line. On the other hand, if you are a guy, you don´t want to wear this. Trust me. You don´t…

But everyone else will enjoy this I hope…

Kai Heideman…




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