For the boys…

4 08 2008

We had quite a lot of requests for latex clothes specifically for men. Sure – some of our pieces can be worn be guys, but most of them don´t … well … fit. The first idea was to simply repack some of our clothes and put them up for sale for men – but that wouldn´t be poc-style. We try to give you the best products we can make. So it was back to the drawing board.

A male body is shaped differently from a female body, as we all know. But that also means that the reflections are different – and thats what makes latex look good: the reflections. So we have a complete new line of clothes for men with different reflections; they don´t match our existing clothes even if the differences seem minor. But it looks way more real. And a little EAT THIS to the people stealing our textures. There is a store using our reflection-pattern without permission and there the female reflections are sold for guys. How LAME. But this is a completely different matter, I might rant about later…but if anyone is interested in the facts, feel free to contact me.

Anyway – here is a picture of the stuff up for sale. We have for different sets: a catsuit, pants, tops and underpants, all priced very moderately.

poc male latex

poc male latex




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