Hotpants – revised

28 06 2008

Hotpants in black

I wasn´t satisfied with the first release of our hotpants. It seems while testing them I used the few poses where they didn´t bleed out and got distorted like hell. So – i redid them. They are only one length, got even shorter, but you get them in a laced version, too. I hope you like them more, I do…

Anniversary & Contest

24 06 2008

On June, 26th 2007 poc made the first sale – so, our first anniversary is near. To celeberate this we are holding a contest:


How to take part? Easy – take pictures from you looking best in our clothes, combine them for an unique look, simply said: look great. Then put up to 5 pictures (full perm!) into a notecard and send them to KAI HEIDEMAN. We will decide upon who looks best.

How much time do I have? The contest ends on July, 7th, 12PM SL-time.

Are there prizes? Sure. The winner will get a nice fotoshooting with me (if she/he wants to) but foremost you can win the following prizes:

1st place: L$5000
2nd place: L$3000
3rd place: L$1000
4th place: L$1000

So, oil your suits, take out your camera and ACTION….

Good luck, Kai Heideman

PS: Yes, you can postprocess the pictures, if you want. Surprise us!

No, these pants are fine…

10 06 2008

…the leg isn´t missing, we did that on purpose. These are our new pants. For a good price you get one pant exposing the right leg and one pant exposing – guess what – the left leg. They can be combined perfectly with our latex-tops or, as seen below, with a top from the Lia-dress.

Come and take a look…

PS: The car is not included…

PPS: The girl neither…

New corset at powers of creation

8 06 2008

Black/Blood corset

Finally something new: a two-coloured corset. It took quite some time, but there it is. It comes in the most popular colours plus the new animal-prints. Several different cuts in the pack allow for a lot of different looks.

Each pack contains 36 pieces – two different lengths, three different cups, all for both possible colour-combinations.