A Suit for Sue

12 01 2013

Jeanne Sahara: A Suit for Sue

The newest hotness from *powers of creation* is this sexy little suit. It takes the floral pattern of the other Sexy Sue-outfits and puts it to a suit. In the package you get the full suit shown here, but also a body plus two versions with a little less fabric.

There are nine different colors available, going with the previous outfits. So, if you want a sexy outfit at an affordable price – take a look at Sue.


Jeanne Sahara: A Suit for Sue


Some kind of constraption

25 11 2012

Wings Soderstrom is showing off the new Constraption

Now that the store is ready, it is time for some new outfits – new at *poc*: Constraption. This sexy mixture of latex and straps really can’t be called lingerie – it doesn’t hide a thing.

Available in nine different colors, each with four different tops and two pants. Come on over and take a look for yourself!

But that is not all. There is a special discount for group-members only: Get the sexy Legs-outfit at 50% off!! But – for groupmembers only! Join the group, it is free!


Moving on…

25 10 2012

Well, the new store is coming along nicely, at least so far that I can start putting up stuff for sale. This will take quite a bit – we are talking about nearly 100 different products in quite a range of colours. To get you hooked, some of the newly set up pieces will be at 25% discount, slowly moving through nearly all the portfolio as stuff gets set up.

Right now you can get the skins for that discount if you teleport HEREĀ and take a left inside the building. You cant miss them, they are the only items up for sale right now. Keep returning frequently for more discounts.



23 10 2012

Practically out of the blue the sim where you can find our shop is closing down! So – I have to move shop, fast. I would have wanted a smoother move, but sadly there is no time for that.

I am setting up a new place, but it will take a bit. As I am switching to different vendors – what better time to do this when I have to rebuild everything, anyway – this move will take a bit. I will put up more and more of poc-latex in the next days, so check out the new store from time to time. I don’t know when the old place will get deleted by LL, but the new one you can findĀ here.


28 09 2012
Wings and Susie wearing Sonya from *poc*

Wings and Susie wearing Sonya from *poc*

Sonya is a new lingerie set in our famous latex from powers of creation. You get a bra and an undershirt, some panties, a string and a slip.

For this set I have combined several styles you already can find in our collection – the base is the sheer-sin look, combined with the floral pattern you can find for example in the Sexy Sue-Outift. The whole thing started though from an idea with the criss-crossing black stripes and their lacey trim.

So, come on over and grab yourself one of these sexy outfits!

Dress less with the less dress…

4 09 2012

The Least Dress

Very often a name leads to a great ideas for an outfit and a catchphrase. Like this one – and to extend the pun, by taking away some fabric it gets lesser. And finally, there is only the least bit of fabric left. So, it is really dress less with this outfit.

That is The Less Dress by powers of creation. It can be either a very daring evening dress, or you can use it as some kind of, well, latex silks.Though I doubt they had latex on Gor…

The package contains three different tops (Less, Lesser and Least) and two different bottoms. You can either wear it as a body or swimsuit – or by adding the prim as the very sexy dress it was intended to be! You can get it in nine different colours.

It’s Foxy

8 07 2012

Emmeline Hermit wearing Foxy in pink

Foxy is a new outfit from powers of creation available now at the store. Picking up some ideas from the recently published leggins it mixes them with some lacing to the side; you can combine it with the included fishnet tops.

To get the variety *poc* is notorious for you can wear it as a plain suit, or in a version with 3/4 legs and even as hotpants. Finally there is a version with a miniskirt included. I hope you have fun wearing it!